When Quiality should win the Quantity in SEO

Of course we want great, quality site. But when up against the expectation of mass quantity, quality can only go so far.It’s important to stop and focus on content that matters.
Some factors not in our hands at all, but being far from some things can keep our career or company brand in a good level.

1. Never sell links.
When you sell links, nofollow them. If you don’t, you run the risk of being banned.

2. ‘Young’ domain is not a problem but needs time.
Google looks at the domain age just because if you’re up there for a long time, that must probably mean you’re publishing quality content. It only means that your site is up because of a reason and you’re not just any spam sites that go up and then disappear from the radar. Some claim domain age ain’t that big a factor but for me, I would think that it is. If I were Google, I’d say that time filters out the quality sites – coz if it ain’t quality, it probably won’t last long in the web right? It’s a good filter and I think Google’s using it even if it’s not a colossal factor, it still is – and in SEO, all factors are studied.

3. Oops someone steels your content.
You need to know if your content is being stolen. The most common way content is stolen is through RSS Feeds. Most sites have them, and they are beneficial because a lot of dedicated readers like just reading your content in a reader, and not actually coming to your site. However, thieves will just take your RSS Feed and throw it onto their website (and they will usually change the affiliate links to benefit themselves).

4. Wrong redirect
It is a way to take a web surfer to another site. Redirection is very useful when done right. Instead of getting an error message that the page cannot be found you can be redirected to a page that helps you find what you are looking for.
Where redirects get ugly is when they are “open”. A web site should not allow to use it to redirect someone to another location.

5. Not unique anchors
<a href=””your”>ANCHOR</a>
Anchor should be unique if it’s possible. Google and Yandex loves links without any text in it. But it’s hard to get good results without usung anchors.

6. To promote similar Websites on identical queries

Businesses sometimes try to use multiple landing pages in order to improve their position in SERPs. Some companies also try to improve their position by creating lots of one-page websites optimized for a single keyword, then funneling users through to another site. Google considers this kind of thing to be bad practice

That’s all I wanted to share with you today. Stay quite and be a  “Healthy SEO” 🙂



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